Medical camp

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Free camps

  • Currently Providing Human Resource Like Lab Technician, Staff Nurse & Data Supervisor to MCC (Mysore City Corporation) and DHO Office.
  • Enquiries Interested Organization/Industries/Educational Institutes can enquiry about conducting medical camps in their premises.

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General Checkup

Educational Activities

Education is a lifelong process by which people learn new ways of action and thought. It encourages changes in behavior which aim at improving the human conditions. Education plays a vital role in introducing the culture of the society among the students.

“A school’s/Home/Societies culture has far more influence on life and learning

The objective of our trust is to provide free education to needy childre

  • Classes
  • Trips
  • Exhibition
  • Scholarships
  • Workshop


Conducting Free Classes For Rural/urban Students In Academic Subject’s/culture Activities/craft Work Etc
Organizing Free Educational Trips To Children’s As Well As Taking Them For Tourism
Conducting Work Shops
Conducting Science /talent Hunt Exhibitions

Agricultural Activities

Providing agricultural equipment’s to formers at very low rental basis. Helping farmers in selling their crops for good price. Guiding farmers to go for organic forming

सवेषां िीवनं कृ वषम्अवलम्बते। कृ वषिः अर्वा कृ वष कायंकष्टमेव। भूमौ िीवनाय आवश्यकम्अन्नं कृ षेिः उत्पादनम्। कृ वषिः महत्प्रयत्नम्अपेक्षते। कृ षेिः सफलतायैअन्यावन साधनावन आवश्यकावन।मुख्यत: िल व्यवस्र्ा समीचीना भववतव्या।भूमेिः मृविका अवप कृ वष कायेसहायकी भववत।भारत देशिः कृ वष प्रधान देश:। कृ षीवलािः बहु कष्टं अनुभूय प्रावणनां कृ तेव्यवसायं कु वान्ति। कालेकालेवषातुपिान्यिः देशेदेशेवधातु कृ वषिः।धन्या वह कृ वषिः धन्यािः च कृ षीवलािः

Animal & Husbandry 

  • Working on projects to do Cremation (shava samsakara) to death animals
  • Giving medical aid to animals get injured in road accidents or any other reason

Serving Nature

  • The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man
  • Nature teaches us everything but we fail to understand
  • Working on Concept to serve nature in an innovative way


  • A flat form for struggling artists to upload and advertise their work
  • Hiring the artists to our trust to conduct free learning camps on Fine & Arts to rural students
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